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What is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking involves no negative thinking. Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, a positive thinker thinks about what can go right. A positive thinker is going to look for the good in things. That means they will always try to find something positive about every situation.

Positive thinking plays a large role in life. A person who thinks positive will end up having a more positive life then someone who thinks negative. A positive thinker is going to be able to stay upbeat in any situation. That is because they do not dwell on the negative. They can always find a way to look at the positive in any situation.

Positive thinking can be defined as thinking good thoughts or being optimistic. When it comes to positive thinking there is no room for the negative. When you are a positive thinker, you will always look on the good side of things. You will not dwell on bad things; instead, you will look for the good in them.

When bad things happen, a positive thinker is not going to let themselves get down and they are not going to let the bad invade their thoughts. Instead, they are going to look for positive things and look to find the solution to the negative situation.

They also adopt a different attitude than a negative thinker. A positive thinker is going to try to stay upbeat and happy. They are going to try to stay energized and not allow themselves to get down. If they feel tired or lazy, they are going to do something to help bring them back up.

Positive thinking can be used in every aspect of life, from the little things to major things. It can be used to help you get through trying times. You can also use it to just make your average day go a little better.

Positive thinking involves being able to see the good things, even in something bad. It involves being able to turn off the negative thoughts and replace them with good thoughts.

Positive thinking will allow you to avoid always going to the negative when something bad happens. It will also allow you to assume that good things will come your way and it will help you project an attitude that will help bring good things your way.

Positive thinking is something that allows you to turn negatives into positives. It allows you to look on the brighter side of life. Positive thinking will open your eyes and your life to a world that is brighter and better than the negative one most people dwell in.

Positive thinking will help you grow and be open to success. Through
positive thinking, you will be able to allow yourself to start to envision your life as being positive and powerful. You will open up the door for good things to happen in your life.


Global Domains International, Inc. Major Announcement! A Glance At What’s In Store For 2019.

Now that the holidays are over and a new year is upon us, what better way to start than by giving our current affiliate base a bit of an inside scoop as to what GDI has in store for 2019? And oh boy, are we working on something BIG!

So let’s get down to business, shall we?

First, we would like to remind everyone that GDI (.WS Registry) will be attending NamesCon 2019 which will be held at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 27th through the 30th. We will be there to promote our industry top success with emoji domains.

While NamesCon itself is not an affiliate geared conference but more so an event for domainers and those involved in the domain name industry, our team members will be available for meet and greets with any of our affiliates that happen to be in Las Vegas during this timeframe. If you are interested in setting up a meeting with one of our team members, please submit your request to support@website.ws. Please note that spots are limited!

Next up, we will be updating our current WordPress hosting. This update should help eliminate various issues such as incompatibility with some third party plugins, errors during WordPress updates, invalid password recovery requests, and help maintain our WordPress hosting’s PHP version up to date. This update is scheduled to be implemented sometime in early April of 2019.

Now for the good stuff…are you ready?

We would like to officially announce that an updated version of GDI’s Independent Affiliate Program will be launching in late 2019!!!

Here is sample list of just some of the items which we will be making updates to or adding on to our existing services:

  • Updated Members Area, Fully Compatible With Mobile Devices
  • Updated Affiliate Replicated Pages
  • Updated Promotional Video
  • Premium Hosting
  • Updated Promotional Banners
  • Additional Domain Extensions for Purchase
  • Emoji Domains
  • And a few other surprises 
  • We always welcome your feedback. If you happen to have a suggestion for our upcoming update, we would love to hear it! Submit your suggestions or comments to support@website.ws.

Last but not least, we would like to thank each and every one of you for all the effort, hard work and dedication you’ve put in to making GDI’s Independent Affiliate Program one of the longest running and most successful income opportunity programs on the web for the last 20 years.

We hope that you continue to embark on our mission to help each and every one of our independent affiliates reach their financial independence goals.

As our founder, Michael Starr, likes to say “You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

We wish you all a very prosperous and successful 2019!


Mental imagery works

One of the most powerful and inspirational tools which can be used daily is own thoughts, insights, ideas and intuition can be used in your daily life to something which every one of us possesses, our very own imagination.

Your make positive changes for the better in any aspect of your life. Everyone has an imagination although some of us have a more vivid one that springs to life quicker than others do, but with a little practice, we can all form imagery in our mind to benefit us.

Using the imagination as a tool

How you use your imagination to benefit you in your daily life is only limited by you, you can use your imagination to visualize any number of things and use it for almost any situation.

Visualization works by forming a positive picture of the outcome of a situation and seeing this positive outcome in your mind as though it‟s happening and letting it replace any negative thoughts you had.

You must develop the visualization as much as you can and look at it from all angles and perspectives, the mental picture which you build in your mind must be as clear as possible of how you wish the situation to turn out.

Think of your imagination and the mental picture you build as a blueprint for developing and building on, just as an architect uses a blueprint when designing a project from start to finish.

The foundations

Start by laying out the foundations of your idea or what it is you wish to change in your mind and slowly build up from the bottom, clearly visualizing every little nook and cranny of the idea, the foundation work behind your idea is the basis for your success.

When lying down the foundations think about the following

  • · What difference will this make to make?
  • · What is it exactly that I want to achieve or change?
  • · Can I achieve what I want on my own?
  • · What do I have to change in my life to accomplish this?
  • · What do I have to learn to accomplish this?

Once you have laid the foundations for whatever it is you wish to change in your life then you can go ahead and build up on your plan, visualize the project every step of the way as clearly as possible and seeing the project from start to finish build in your mind as accurately as possible.

When you have the visualization completed in your mind then you can take steps to achieve what it is you desire, if you wish you can then note down the steps you took in your mind in writing to achieve the outcome, and follow these through from start to finish.


The key points

The key points to using mental imagery successfully for any aspect of your life are

  • · Focusing your imagination on one idea
  • · Forming as clear a mental picture or image of the idea and outcome in your mind
  • · Building up the idea from the foundations to completion
  • · Successfully executing your plan