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Never Follow Gurus!

We live in a day and age where it is treacherous to listen to the guru if you want to be successful. One thing I believe is true that everyone must find their own strategy for the success.

I have tried many times following some gurus, but it’s just not working for me. I think because all gurus will tell you just the same that you must to follow them. The problem is that every person has their own experience in life or financial situation or whatever could be.

Many people are so broke that it could be impossible to following them and just do the same as they do. I know it is true from my experience not because I could not do that, because it was just too risky following them in my opinion.

In order to lead the orchestra or to become that successful entrepreneur, the top executive, or the great artist you always wanted to be, you need to turn your back on all gurus. You will never be a successful if you don’t do that.

What I am trying to say find your own way to the success! You can take only something or learn something from gurus, but you will never be the same like your guru doesn’t matter how hard you will try.

True leaders are those who walk alone, following their own path. Even though you choose this path, you might find yourself in places most people have never been before.

Those people who turn their backs on gurus  can go to places they have never dreamed possible, where they can reach depths and levels of knowledge very few people are able to reach.

Want to be successful in life? Then turn your back on all gurus  and start leading your own orchestra. Your failures will teach you all along the way  and you will get all experience you need  in time to become truly successful leader.

I wish you HealthWealth and Happiness!!!

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What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur

What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur In a world of inaction over promising and under delivering. Every second man seems to claim himself an Entrepreneur.

An Entrepreneur is someone that would never call himself an Entrepreneur. An Entrepreneur is someone that is happy to work while all others are out partying.

An Entrepreneur’s drug is SUCCESS!

He is addicted to the success and finally the Entrepreneur knows one simple fact “I will do it maybe not immediately but absolutely and definitely”!

You have to hustle and you have to think outside the box to make things happen when it seems impossibly difficult for anything to happen and to continue to get up off the canvas  when you are beaten down relentlessly!

Repeat those words every single day  “I will do it maybe not immediately but absolutely and definitely”!

I will succeed and nothing can stop me ever! I will take massive Action when others hesitate.I will think BIG when others DON’T!

I will sacrifice when others WON’T!


I will outwork my competition DAY AND NIGHT!


You have to be a leader to be unique to be hungry always and never satisfied to be followed by the competition to take negativity and use it to fuel your greatness. Always to survive to storms and the tough moments! And learn to be humble in good times.

It is sacrificing your today for a better tomorrow!

The truly successful Entrepreneur will never quit no matter what happens!!! There is a greatest power of all, if you can do that!
You simply become unstoppable and unbreakable always remember that and you will have an advantage over others!

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The Power of Positive Thinking at Work

It can be helpful to get an example of how something works in order to understand how it can work for you. Here is a story about John and how the power of positive thinking influenced his life.

John was in the middle of a very nasty divorce. His soon to be ex-wife was fighting him all the way about everything possible. He had trouble sleeping, eating and felt himself slipping into a great depression.

Every time he had to meet with his attorney, he experienced stomach pains and he was sure he was getting an ulcer. He was constantly worried about being able to make it after the divorce was finalized. He also worried about how this all was effecting his two children.

John was in a very bad place. Then, one day, he ran across some
information about the power of positive thinking. He was so interested in what he read that he decided to see if it could work in his life.

John started to become aware of his thoughts. He started to push all the negative thoughts out of his mind.
Instead of approaching his situation with fear, he went towards it with courage. He stood his ground and did not give in. He laid down his demands and stuck to them. He stopped letting himself be walked all over by his ex.

John began thinking positively about his situation. He began envisioning a positive outcome. He stopped letting himself get down about what was happening in his life and started looking at all the positive things he had gotten out of it.

Now that he was separated, he felt happier. He could do whatever he wanted without having his wife nag him. He was closer than ever to his kids because he now cherished the limited time he was able to spend with them.

He was able to get his financial affairs in order, too.
John was able to get through the divorce. He came out in the end without losing everything, being able to maintain a good relationship with his kids and even being able to somehow maintain a civil relationship with his ex.

By changing to a positive attitude, he was able to stop letting everything get him down. He was able to get through the trying situation without letting himself fall apart. In the end, the power of positive thinking was working for John, just as it can work for you.

You can see through John’s story that positive thinking can get you through the rough times.
It is not hard to believe that it can get you through everyday, too. Just as John changed his attitude and his way of thinking, so can you.
You can make positive thinking work in your life and start turning your bad situations into good ones. You can get favorable results and outcomes, too.

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Ways You Are Compensated in Global Domains International, Inc


Global Domains International, Inc. is the worldwide domain name registry for all .ws (Dot WS) domain names. Our product is an incredible $10 per month package that includes your own domain name, hosting accounts, and up to ten email accounts, plus an easy-to-use online web site builder that will allow you to get a professional looking web site on the web as quickly as possible. And the best thing is, you can try out everything we have to offer, starting today, for FREE.

The domain industry is exploding! Industry experts predict that over 500 Million domains will be active annually within the next ten years. GDI has no competition in the network marketing industry. We are the only company that has the ability to market our domain names through the power of network marketing, and we’re willing to pay you handsomely for helping us get the word out worldwide. There are no geographical or income limits with GDI.

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5-Level Uni-Level Compensation

This is our standard compensation plan that ALL affiliates qualify for, even those who are still in their free trial period. Basically, you are paid $1 per month, per domain, that is registered in your 5 level network. A uni-level compensation plan is the most simple plan in network marketing, and the key to our quick growth.

You are not limited by width. You can refer as many people as you want to, and so can those people that you refer, and so on.

Here’s an example. You refer 5 people to our product/program. That pays you $5 per month. No big deal? Hang on, you’ll see the power of this. Each of those 5 people then refer 5 of their own, so you’re now getting paid an additional $25 per month on your “second level”. Each of those 25 can refer as many as they want, but for consistency we’ll say that they too refer 5 each. That’s $125 in monthly commissions on your 3rd level. If the trend continues, you’ll have $625 in monthly commissions on your 4th level, and $3,125 in monthly commissions on your 5th level.

That’s a total of over $3,900 in monthly commissions for referring 5 people, and then teaching those people how to do the same and assisting them in growing their own organizations. Keep in mind that nobody is limited in how many people they can refer. Some of our affiliates personally refer hundreds of other affiliates. Just a couple of these “go-getters” in your organization can really blow your income off the charts. Here’s a graphical example of our uni-level plan.


You read that correctly! For every 5 paid new customers you refer in a one week period, you’ll earn a $100 cash bonus. There is no limit! Refer 25 new paid customers in one week and you’ll earn $500!


$5,000 Heavy Hitter Bonus

Our Heavy Hitter Bonus has been increased to $5,000!

Any affiliate referring 1,000 or more paid affiliates in any consecutive 4 week period is eligible to receive the Heavy Hitter Bonus. The bar has been set high! Are you a heavy hitter? Show us what you’re made of by referring 1,000 new affiliates in a month and you’ll be taking home an extra $5,000 in addition to the thousands per month you’ll quickly be making in residual commissions.

Don’t get us wrong, our current pay structure is paying out TREMENDOUS COMMISSIONS to those of you who are serious about building your GDI business (many already approaching 5 figures monthly) but this takes it to the next level – allowing the real “go getters” to reach a level of income they’ve only dreamed about until now.

How this works is still very simple.

Imagine being paid not only on 5 levels, but on levels 6 through INFINITY. That could amount to some BIG extra income from the same amount of work. That’s what the Infinity Bonus is all about.

This will achieve the INFINITY OVERRIDE and you’ll qualify to earn a 10% “unlimited levels” override, which pays down to the next qualifying “Infinity Override” on any given leg.

On the final day of each month, you must have a minimum of 10 personally-referred, active, paid accounts in good standing on your level 1, who each also have a minimum of 10 personally-referred, active, paid accounts in good standing on their level 1. In addition, you must have a total of 5000 or more active, paid accounts in good standing within the first 5 levels of your downline. Obviously, your own account must be an active, paid account in good standing as well.

Infinity overrides must be re-earned each month in accordance with the previously mentioned requirements. Earning the override one month, does not guarantee you the same override every month. If you fail to qualify after previously receiving the override, you remain eligible to try for it in future months as specified above.

The infinity override will extend all the way down throughout your entire downline below level 5, except in instances where someone else in your downline also achieves an infinity override for the same month. In such cases, the infinity override will be paid for your level 6 and below, except for the branch below you that also earned it. Payment on level 6 and below for that branch will be made to the lowest person in the downline achieving the override, as any one branch will never be paid twice for infinity overrides in the same month.

Additional commissions earned as a result of the infinity override only applies to levels 6 and below. Anything in levels 1-5 will be paid as usual for all affiliates. Likewise, this does not mean you will be paid a second time (double) for accounts in levels 1-5.

Will it be easy to qualify for the Infinity Override? Of course not. Nothing worth working towards ever is.

However, achieving this title and earning commissions on more than 5 levels IS SIMPLE. You do it the same way you referred your first member. Show the movie, then follow-up. Then, teach all of your front liners to do the same. If you keep doing this for as long as it takes, YOU can earn the Infinity Override. Sticking with the GDI program and your daily marketing plan is the key.

And, new affiliates that you refer, then transfer to one of your frontline members DO count towards the requirement.

We hope to have MANY affiliates earn the Infinity Override this year, including you!

Autoresponders are very important to succeed online wild jungle!


Autoresponders are more important than you know to have success online business! There can be many reasons why you failed online but definitely one a reason is that you don’t use marketing tools!

I realize that there may be a wide variety of reasons for why you haven’t taken me up on my offer.

When you think about it… some of those reasons may be the same for why people aren’t buying from you.

Maybe they just got busy and forgot about your offer.
Maybe they lost your information.
Maybe they had to go out of town.
Maybe there was an illness in the family.

How many sales did you lose in the past week because the customer didn’t order from you right away?

When they don’t order right away, can they just forget about you and your offer?

If you don’t have an effective follow-up system in place, you will be losing valuable customers and sales!

Some sales leads just don’t become sales as quick as we would like them to. That’s no reason to let them forget about you!

And it’s no reason for you to forget about them!

Research indicates that it takes an average of 7 contacts to close a sale… SEVEN!

If you are not following up with each of your prospects, you are leaving sales out there for your competition to grab!

When they forget about you… they head straight to your competitors!

And believe me… if your competitors aren’t using Autoresponder Technology now, they will be soon.

Autoresponders let you send PERSONALIZED follow-up messages to an unlimited number of prospects. You don’t have to spend any time sending the messages. Once you have them in your Responder, the messages are sent out WHEN you say to EVERYONE that requests them.

Autoresponders can help you:

 * Save Time
* Save Money
* Increase Sales
* Build Credibility
* Boost Cash Flow
* Improve Customer Service

Don’t let valuable leads slip away to the competition! Keep your message in front of them with Autoresponders! Now you know my friend how important is to have marketing tools if you want to be successful.

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What is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking involves no negative thinking. Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, a positive thinker thinks about what can go right. A positive thinker is going to look for the good in things. That means they will always try to find something positive about every situation.

Positive thinking plays a large role in life. A person who thinks positive will end up having a more positive life then someone who thinks negative. A positive thinker is going to be able to stay upbeat in any situation. That is because they do not dwell on the negative. They can always find a way to look at the positive in any situation.

Positive thinking can be defined as thinking good thoughts or being optimistic. When it comes to positive thinking there is no room for the negative. When you are a positive thinker, you will always look on the good side of things. You will not dwell on bad things; instead, you will look for the good in them.

When bad things happen, a positive thinker is not going to let themselves get down and they are not going to let the bad invade their thoughts. Instead, they are going to look for positive things and look to find the solution to the negative situation.

They also adopt a different attitude than a negative thinker. A positive thinker is going to try to stay upbeat and happy. They are going to try to stay energized and not allow themselves to get down. If they feel tired or lazy, they are going to do something to help bring them back up.

Positive thinking can be used in every aspect of life, from the little things to major things. It can be used to help you get through trying times. You can also use it to just make your average day go a little better.

Positive thinking involves being able to see the good things, even in something bad. It involves being able to turn off the negative thoughts and replace them with good thoughts.

Positive thinking will allow you to avoid always going to the negative when something bad happens. It will also allow you to assume that good things will come your way and it will help you project an attitude that will help bring good things your way.

Positive thinking is something that allows you to turn negatives into positives. It allows you to look on the brighter side of life. Positive thinking will open your eyes and your life to a world that is brighter and better than the negative one most people dwell in.

Positive thinking will help you grow and be open to success. Through
positive thinking, you will be able to allow yourself to start to envision your life as being positive and powerful. You will open up the door for good things to happen in your life.


Global Domains International, Inc. Major Announcement! A Glance At What’s In Store For 2019.

Now that the holidays are over and a new year is upon us, what better way to start than by giving our current affiliate base a bit of an inside scoop as to what GDI has in store for 2019? And oh boy, are we working on something BIG!

So let’s get down to business, shall we?

First, we would like to remind everyone that GDI (.WS Registry) will be attending NamesCon 2019 which will be held at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 27th through the 30th. We will be there to promote our industry top success with emoji domains.

While NamesCon itself is not an affiliate geared conference but more so an event for domainers and those involved in the domain name industry, our team members will be available for meet and greets with any of our affiliates that happen to be in Las Vegas during this timeframe. If you are interested in setting up a meeting with one of our team members, please submit your request to support@website.ws. Please note that spots are limited!

Next up, we will be updating our current WordPress hosting. This update should help eliminate various issues such as incompatibility with some third party plugins, errors during WordPress updates, invalid password recovery requests, and help maintain our WordPress hosting’s PHP version up to date. This update is scheduled to be implemented sometime in early April of 2019.

Now for the good stuff…are you ready?

We would like to officially announce that an updated version of GDI’s Independent Affiliate Program will be launching in late 2019!!!

Here is sample list of just some of the items which we will be making updates to or adding on to our existing services:

  • Updated Members Area, Fully Compatible With Mobile Devices
  • Updated Affiliate Replicated Pages
  • Updated Promotional Video
  • Premium Hosting
  • Updated Promotional Banners
  • Additional Domain Extensions for Purchase
  • Emoji Domains
  • And a few other surprises 
  • We always welcome your feedback. If you happen to have a suggestion for our upcoming update, we would love to hear it! Submit your suggestions or comments to support@website.ws.

Last but not least, we would like to thank each and every one of you for all the effort, hard work and dedication you’ve put in to making GDI’s Independent Affiliate Program one of the longest running and most successful income opportunity programs on the web for the last 20 years.

We hope that you continue to embark on our mission to help each and every one of our independent affiliates reach their financial independence goals.

As our founder, Michael Starr, likes to say “You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

We wish you all a very prosperous and successful 2019!


Mental imagery works

One of the most powerful and inspirational tools which can be used daily is own thoughts, insights, ideas and intuition can be used in your daily life to something which every one of us possesses, our very own imagination.

Your make positive changes for the better in any aspect of your life. Everyone has an imagination although some of us have a more vivid one that springs to life quicker than others do, but with a little practice, we can all form imagery in our mind to benefit us.

Using the imagination as a tool

How you use your imagination to benefit you in your daily life is only limited by you, you can use your imagination to visualize any number of things and use it for almost any situation.

Visualization works by forming a positive picture of the outcome of a situation and seeing this positive outcome in your mind as though it‟s happening and letting it replace any negative thoughts you had.

You must develop the visualization as much as you can and look at it from all angles and perspectives, the mental picture which you build in your mind must be as clear as possible of how you wish the situation to turn out.

Think of your imagination and the mental picture you build as a blueprint for developing and building on, just as an architect uses a blueprint when designing a project from start to finish.

The foundations

Start by laying out the foundations of your idea or what it is you wish to change in your mind and slowly build up from the bottom, clearly visualizing every little nook and cranny of the idea, the foundation work behind your idea is the basis for your success.

When lying down the foundations think about the following

  • · What difference will this make to make?
  • · What is it exactly that I want to achieve or change?
  • · Can I achieve what I want on my own?
  • · What do I have to change in my life to accomplish this?
  • · What do I have to learn to accomplish this?

Once you have laid the foundations for whatever it is you wish to change in your life then you can go ahead and build up on your plan, visualize the project every step of the way as clearly as possible and seeing the project from start to finish build in your mind as accurately as possible.

When you have the visualization completed in your mind then you can take steps to achieve what it is you desire, if you wish you can then note down the steps you took in your mind in writing to achieve the outcome, and follow these through from start to finish.


The key points

The key points to using mental imagery successfully for any aspect of your life are

  • · Focusing your imagination on one idea
  • · Forming as clear a mental picture or image of the idea and outcome in your mind
  • · Building up the idea from the foundations to completion
  • · Successfully executing your plan

“Action Power Team Message” for the month of January 2019! “Dream Killers”




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