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Exciting times!

Well before i share with you this new update from our CEO from Cash Juice i would like just to say WOW. It is just another one of the best program’s  came along just recently. What i like about Cash Juice is the fact that everyone can truly succeed.

You will not just get traffic, but you will also be eligible to earn money from your activity and the activity from your referrals. It is on the way and it is coming in December. Cash Juice can find for your referrals also if you are willing to upgrade your account. And still more features are on the way!

So here is a message from our CEO from Cash Juice. He is also The Founder of the very popular site Traffic adbar

Running a business, especially a brand new business that’s growing rapidly like Cash Juice, is a juggling act. There are 2 things we’re working hard on at the moment.

  • Improving what we have
  • Creating exciting new features!

    Creating exciting new features

    We’re working on lots of new ideas, tools, services and features that we want to add to Cash Juice over the next few months. The trouble with new features and big projects is that they take time!

    Last week we announced Awards and the Diamond Club. The top 10 members on the league are awarded the Diamond club status, the next 30 are awarded gold, the next 60 silver and the next 100 bronze. So everyone in the top 200 will receive an award.

    Everyone who earns their way into the Diamond Club can always be seen on the Diamond Club Page.

    We’re working towards announcing some new features over the next 2 weeks, look out for next weeks update.

    Improving what we have

    Improving what we have is also extremely important to us and a lot of which is driven by you our members.

    2 weeks ago we added country flags to profiles which you can set by clicking here.

    Today we’ve added some new animated banners alongside the existing ones that you can use to promote Cash Juice click here to see the banners we have.

    We’ve also changed the “Followers page”. You can now see the people that you’re following as well as the people that are following you.

    Keep up the good work and look out for next week’s update!

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