What Can Giving Do For You?

There are a lot of reasons that giving without requiring something back reciprocally is so mighty. Here are just some:

  • It feels fantastic. When you give without requiring anything back reciprocally it opens your heart to the peace, love and joy that you are.
  • It assists you in feeling grateful. When you give to other people without anticipation this naturally causes your heart to open and you’re filled with great compassion and gratitude. Truly the giver is blessed.
  • It invokes your remaining scarcity and selfishness. You might think this is a problem, but it isn’t. When you bring up these restrictions into your conscious awareness, you then can let them depart. If you merely neglect them or pretend they’re not there, they remain active in your subconscious mind. This often undermines even your most valorous efforts to succeed and draw in to you what you desire. These feelings, if brushed off, may even attract to you the opposite of what you trying to produce.
  • Once you give fully, you let the energy of the universe flow. When we merely center on receiving, we produce a dam in our energy which keeps us from really having it all and feeling all the benefits of the releasing that comes from giving.
  • We remember there’s more than enough and we’re not unaccompanied. When we’re working with causing abundance without also giving with an open mind and heart, we’re holding in mind and proposing at least some scarcity, separation and need.

When you give, you realize the abundance and integrity that comes from knowing there’s always more than plenty to give not just receive.

  • It absolves you from your karma. If you trust in karma or gaining merit, there’s as well another benefit in giving without wanting anything back in return. Even if you’ve the most socially conscious and environmental sustainable life or business, you can’t help affecting and taking from your environment. Life feeds upon life. When you give, particularly in ways that positively affect the planet, you help neutralize the negative effects of the aftermaths of your actions.
  • We’re the emptiness. In some manner we’re all going through life as if we’re trying to fill a bag with no bottom. Energy is always flowing through the present. The present is the only time life happens—and the only time anything can be done about anything. As you realize that no-thing is lasting, yet what you are is changelessly in the present moment, you‘re welcoming all experiencing and giving without requiring anything back reciprocally is natural.
  • You pull in giving to you. Abundance begins when you understand that what you put out into both your internal and external world comes back to you. Image how mighty putting giving energy out into your world can be.



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