Turn Success Into A Game, Not A Grind

“Life is a game, play it.” — Mother Theresa

We hear a lot about people “grinding” these days. That sounds awful! Grinding day in and out is a path to burnout and misery.

The best performers in the world don’t grind, they game! For example, Warren Buffett became good at selling because as a child he would go door-to-door selling chewing gum. But he wasn’t focused on making money. Instead, he was fascinated trying to figure out which flavors sold best. Even back then, he was trying to make predictions. He’s still playing the same games.

According to author, Daniel Coyle, “If it can be counted, you can turn it into a game.” Rather than “practicing” in a tedious and boring way, you’re far better-off turning your practice into a game. This is why CrossFit is so successful. There are objectives — where you start and complete new challenges.

I recently had this experience learning Spanish .I started seeing how many objectives I could complete in a single day, and how many days I could compete challenges in a row.

There is truly a power if you don’t take so seriously your actions, even some people don’t believe that. They simply believe you must treat your business as a business or whatever. Well, at some point some will lose interest, passion or faith in whatever you do and that create stumbling blog that could ruin your goals.

If you can turn that into the game, it is not just more fun, but you have more chance to be successful.. If you truly love something, your passion will drive you to the success doesn’t matter what happens or how long it takes..

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