Never Follow Gurus!

We live in a day and age where it is treacherous to listen to the guru if you want to be successful. One thing I believe is true that everyone must find their own strategy for the success.

I have tried many times following some gurus, but it’s just not working for me. I think because all gurus will tell you just the same that you must to follow them. The problem is that every person has their own experience in life or financial situation or whatever could be.

Many people are so broke that it could be impossible to following them and just do the same as they do. I know it is true from my experience not because I could not do that, because it was just too risky following them in my opinion.

In order to lead the orchestra or to become that successful entrepreneur, the top executive, or the great artist you always wanted to be, you need to turn your back on all gurus. You will never be a successful if you don’t do that.

What I am trying to say find your own way to the success! You can take only something or learn something from gurus, but you will never be the same like your guru doesn’t matter how hard you will try.

True leaders are those who walk alone, following their own path. Even though you choose this path, you might find yourself in places most people have never been before.

Those people who turn their backs on gurus  can go to places they have never dreamed possible, where they can reach depths and levels of knowledge very few people are able to reach.

Want to be successful in life? Then turn your back on all gurus  and start leading your own orchestra. Your failures will teach you all along the way  and you will get all experience you need  in time to become truly successful leader.

I wish you HealthWealth and Happiness!!!

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