CashJuice Here Is Info Of How You Get Paid!

Commission has started!

Here is a message from the founder of Cash Juice

How’s your week going?

I gotta tell you that here at CashJuice we’re having a great week. The launch weekend was immense, the first 100 members upgraded within 2 minutes and you continue to upgrade which is great news, thank you. Click here if you haven’t upgraded yet.

With upgrades, comes commission! We set the commission figures live yesterday and they’ll automatically update as you earn commission. Don’t forget you’ll earn 15% of every payment that your referrals make to CashJuice.

But this is just the start. Phase 2 of commission will kick in at the beginning of December. Phase 2 commission is based on your activity and the activity of your referrals and their downlines. More to come on that in a couple of weeks.

Just an example. Not my numbers. 🙂

So how do you get paid?

Well, to make it really quick and simple we’re using automated bank transfers with TransferWise. You don’t need an account and you don’t need to give us your bank details. At the end of every month we will send out commission, you will receive an email, you click on the link in the email and the money will appear in your account. It’s really that simple.

TransferWise will transfer in a lot of countries in their local currencies, but also they support a whole load more in USD. So whether you live in Canada, Hungary or Mali we can support most countries.

TransferWise will transfer direct to these countries using your local currency, but they will also transfer USD to all these countries as well

All you need to do is login and click on commission and enter your details, that’s it!

Look out for our second update this week in a couple of days!

Have a great day!