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Global Domains International, Inc. is the worldwide domain name registry for all .ws (Dot WS) domain names. Officially registered in California (U.S.A) Founded Since 1999 and changing peoples lives all around the world!

Our product is an incredible $10 per month package that includes your own domain name,blog,hosting accounts, and up to ten email accounts, plus an easy-to-use online web site builder that will allow you to get a professional looking web site on the web as quickly as possible. And the best thing is, you can try out everything we have to offer, starting today, for FREE.
Once you become a member of Global Domains International you will be also a member of our Action Power Team! They will place for you 5 Paid members to your downline.

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 A domain name is simply an address on the Internet. Rather than trying to remember the boring IP numbers simply type www.YourDomain.ws

YourDomain@YourDomain.ws Check your email on the web, your smartphone, or Forward email to any existing email address
  •  AJAX web and Mobile interface
  •  Cloud file editing and storage
  •  Tagging and Conversations
  •  Advanced Search
  •  Personal Spam Controls



The world’s most popular blogging software has come to GDI in a big way. Host your blog at your domain, or at a subdomain; up to 10 GB of storage and 5 different blogs at once!
Web Hosting
For more advanced customers, you can take advantage of our hosting service. This allows you to build a site from scratch. This allows you to build a custom WebSite just as you want it, then upload the files to our servers. Hosting gives you the ultimate in flexibility!
URL Forwarding
Our URL forwarding option is perfect if you already have a WebSite created elsewhere, but are unable to move the existing content. When someone visits your .WS domain, they will be automatically transported to your existing WebSite instantly!


.WS SiteBuilder


    •  No WebSite design experience?
    • No Problem!
    • Be online in minutes.
    •  Cutting edge drag-and-drop interface
    •  Quick and Easy WebSite Building




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We live by this simple yet powerful philosophy and we invite you to embrace it in order to achieve all of your dreams. The program you are being presented with here holds the potential to change your life, for the better, forever. We sincerely hope you make the most of the WebSite.ws Opportunity and we welcome your valuable, long-term participation!
Warm regards,
Michael Starr & Alan Ezeir


who are building their own “Income for Life”®


The product is superb and the opportunity is incredible
Norman Eglon
Galway, Ireland

Everyone needs a website and the hosting options are perfect for getting started. The product is superb and the opportunity is incredible, as there will always be a huge demand. It’s also the most cost effective Network Marketing plan available.

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I know how to recognize an excellent opportunity!
Damon Douglas
Michigan, United States

I have been into network marketing and sales in general for nearly 20 years, so I know how to recognize an excellent opportunity! In fact, my attention turned real quickly because GDI ended up becoming my new primary focus.

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I love it!
Hui Fen Zhang
Dongguan, China

I’ve been in another famous direct-selling company for two years but just earned very limited money. I joined GDI almost immediately when I found out about it in March. As a housewife, I can work at home while looking after my little child. Thanks GDI, the greatest home business opportunity in the world! I love it!

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